It is part of our mission to share the love of modern board games not only with adults but also with youngsters. We believe that integrating these in education (starting from primary school) contributes to the emotional and intellectual development of children. This indirectly facilitates the process of understanding and memorizing the school material. While children enjoy the game and above all earn new experiences, the games help them develop skills that are useful both in- and outside of the classroom, and increase their social adjustment.




The class was sensational, the kids enjoyed it very much.

We can't wait for the next occasion. :)

Tóth, Béláné
Bíró Lajos Primary School

We enjoyed today very much. Huge thanks to the boys. They are nice, open, calm. Both the children and us were very happy about today.
We are looking forward  to the next opportunity in January.

Gabriella Györfi
Bíró Lajos Primary School

The colleagues  and the kids were all praising the activity,   enjoyed  it a lot and are looking forward to the next one! 

Adrienn Ceskel-Tarcsay
Hild József Primary School

We hold activities for one class weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The forty-five minute lessons are opportunities for each child to participate in a shared experience. they learn the games in groups of four-six people, with the help of three experienced game masters. We personalize our education strategy for each class, creating a year-long comprehensive plan that concentrates on nine crucial development areas.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the details!

When is the next time? How long do we have to wait?  Questions about the board game classes are never ending.

Cause there is something magnificent, something exciting about being able to play new, formerly unknown board games every month. This is the type of relaxation that gives a topic to talk about even much later, when a  momentum of the game comes up. Because these games are imaginative, creative, and are in a different league than the traditional roll-and-move games. The game masters are patient and they  have a good  sense of when to change the games, when to show  a new one. I can only recommend to everyone!

Péter Simon
Hild József Primary School

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